Building Robots at Kids Build Together


What kid doesn’t like playing with robots – being a robot – building a robot? There have been a lot of opportunities to build your own robot at Kids Build Together, and kids and adults alike have loved it.

The first robot we played with is called a “buzz bot”. It’s basically an electric toothbrush on a nail brush . . .


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. . . decorated with monster eyes, of course. Very easy for a little kid to assemble – masking tape the brush to the brush, and then decorate. When you turn it on, the vibration will go through the little brush hairs, making it move. It will even move around obstacles, such as Duplo mazes.

You can see slightly more complicated versions of the buzzbot which involve removing the motor from the brush (we removed the head of the toothbrush only), but I felt that was a choking hazard for the little ones. Look it up for older kids, though.

The next robot was the Drawbot . . .



. . . which draws! It’s a milk frother (a few dollars from ebay), with pens taped to it. Again, the vibration travels through to make it whirl around, making beautiful patterns. (You need to put a bit of masking tape on the frother bit, so the vibration travels through the body).


Recently we have been able to play with two “real” robots, in that they can be programmed. Thanks nephew Sam for the loan!

Dot and Dash are two lovely robots who can move, make sounds, change colour and sense movement. They can be programmed using an ipad (or similar), so that the children can learn basic coding – for example, putting commands in order, ‘trouble-shooting’ errors, planning and problem-solving.

Here’s Dash . . .                           and Dot . . .

WP_20160725_007  WP_20160725_008

. . . who are decorated beautifully with some Duplo. The lovely thing about these robots is that they can come with brick adaptors for Lego or Duplo. Not only can they wear different ‘outfits’, but the blocks can connect the two robots or turn into a bulldozer blade or an arm! Best of all, it’s a way for kids to really ‘build’ their robot, to make it their own.

Why don’t you try building a robot of your own – or visiting us one day for some robot fun at Kids Build Together!



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